OBCARES: Talk, Read and Sing to Your Baby



Be Your Baby’s First Teacher

As you get ready for your new baby, OBCARES is here to help prepare you to give your little one the best possible start in life.

OBCARES is a prenatal educational program for expectant parents and caregivers. Its goal is to provide information on the importance of talking, reading, and singing to your baby from birth.

Why is this important? 80% of brain growth occurs before the age of 3. To strengthen brain connections and maximize learning, children should be READ to, TALKED to and SUNG to everyday starting as soon as you bring your baby home.


You probably already know the sound of your voice provides comfort and security for your baby – but, did you know your voice helps prepare your baby for school?

  • Talking, reading and singing to your baby from birth improves their vocabulary.

  • Children with strong vocabularies are more prepared to start school and do better in elementary school.

  • Children who do well in elementary school perform better in middle school, which leads to higher high school graduation rates.



Talk to Your Baby

Tips for Talking

  • When family members and caregivers talk to a baby, the child begins to recognize patterns that form words, sentences and language.

  • The more words and sentences spoken to a baby throughout the day, the stronger their grasp of language will be. Use a playful voice but not baby talk. 

  • In the car, tell your baby where you are going and what you did that day. Point out things as you drive by.

  • In the store, tell your baby what you are looking for. Point out the different items and describe what you see.

  • At home, talk about your plans for the day. Using positive, encouraging words and talking to your baby throughout the day helps form a loving bond that results in brain growth.

Read to Your Baby

Tips for Reading

  • Babies can fall in love with reading at a very young age. Hearing you read and point out pictures on the page helps your baby form the brain connections for language.

  • Read from the same book over and over. You can describe what’s on the page, count things on the page, name the colors and shapes or make up your own story.

  • Holding your baby while you read a book creates a special time. Remember, screens like your phone or a tablet are no substitute for this loving interaction.

Sing to Your Baby

Tips for Singing

  • Singing to your baby is a way to provide love and comfort, which is so important for your baby’s wellbeing.

  • Singing songs helps your baby recognize patterns of language and helps with brain growth.

  • Babies love the rhythm of music. Singing, playing and laughing together lets your baby feel your love through the attention you give.

  • Remember, videos from screens are no substitute for your personal attention to your baby.



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