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Be Your Baby’s First Teacher

As you get ready for your new baby, Regional One Health’s OB/GYN practice is here to protect your health and prepare you to give your little one the best possible start in life.

OBCARES is a prenatal educational program for expecting parents. It stands for Obstetricians Children and Reading Establishment Sessions and its goal is to provide information on the importance of reading, singing and talking to your baby from birth.

More information for providers of services to parents and children can be found here.

Why is this important? 80% of brain growth occurs before the age of 3. To strengthen brain connections and maximize learning, children should be READ to, TALKED to and SUNG to everyday starting as soon as you bring your baby home.

You probably already know the sound of your voice provides comfort and security for your baby – but did you know what else it can do?

  • Research shows talking, reading and singing to your baby from birth improves their vocabulary.
  • Language learning starts at birth, and the first three years of your baby’s life are crucial.
  • Children with a strong vocabulary are more prepared to start school and do better in elementary school.
  • Children who do well in elementary school perform better in middle school, which leads to higher high school graduation rates.

OBCARES wants to help. Please explore this information and watch the videos on READTALK and SING. There are many free resources in our community are here to assist you. You can find a list below under Community Services.